About Lukenya Greens Limited.

Lukenya Greens Limited is a premier /leading property development company with consistent track record of successful projects in residential and commercial markets. Its experienced, reputable and successful directors have been in the industry for a long time, bringing the company to its present portfolio/status.

Universally, Real Estate has and will always be the biggest and strongest investment any individual will have mainly because it is by far the only kind of asset which significantly appreciates in value and worth over time.

The company have been focusing on the Nairobi, Machakos, Thika, Kiambu, Nyahururu and Kajiado real estate markets, it is evident that the current activities and the many buyers who want to live in these areas, plus the very few homes available within the areas, the value of properties will continue to appreciate dramatically.

We work with businesses, investors and aspiring home owners who want to maximize on their residential and commercial investments, and at the same time protect their interest and minimize the workload associated with acquisition of property.

We lead our professional and dedicated team to continually achieve top results in property development, sales and customer care. We continue to impress customers with our integrity and hard work.

We also tailor our products and payment options to fit you and spend time understanding what you want to achieve, then we show you how to make it happen.


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